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Received!!  This is excellent!  Thank you and your wonderful group Dan!  Let me know about a tour, would love to show them how VISTE + community = better lives for seniors in Polk county.  .  

Patty Johnson
Volunteer and Events Manager 

Inventory list from Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church For VISTE for the month of June 2022              

6   boxes of pasta           
32 cans of soup
34 cans veggies/fruit           
3   pasta sauce
36 canned meats           
18 protein shakes
60 apple juices              

2   foot powder           
1   bath mat
62 bedding chucks           
21 shopping bags
26 wash cloths  

Any Monies collected in the month of June will be sent when  Accounting is finalized.   

Social Ministry Committee of Grace / Dan Stoller   

We are offering a tour of VISTE

Location 1232 E. Magnolia Street  (off Lake Parker Ave, just before you get to East Main Street)

The center has parking for about a dozen cars  

The dates that have been selected are:

Tuesday August 9 at 10 AM
Thursday August 11 at 1 PM

Call or E-mail the church office, Dan Stoller at or sign up on Sunday morning.