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Grace's Social Ministry emphasis for May will be Resurrection “Rez" House, a migrant ministry supported by the ELCA and other churches in the west-central Florida region.  

It is not a traditional church in that spiritual activities are mobile and can serve where needed. ELCA Pastor Bruce Edwards is in charge of spiritual matters and Director Margarita Romo leads day-to-day activities. Rez is also a center for community, information, and activities in support of those in need.

Since food banks are depleted and others have reduced or stopped supplying food assistance, the immediate need is for food staples. Rice, beans of all kinds, and flour are high priority. Monetary donations are needed. Checks can be made payable to Grace with the memo to “Rez.”  Other needs include: gently used, clean clothing and work clothes – jeans and long sleeved shirts.  

More About Rez House -- A Church for All God's Children

Founded in 1987 as an authorized worshiping community of the ELCA and incorporated in 2002, Rez House is dedicated to bringing God's word to the poorest of the poor in our community or Tommytown on the north end of Dade City, Florida. We work hand in hand with the people here to help create better conditions for themselves. We are proud to be standing in the gap for these children and their families.

We believe that a culturally and racially diverse people, living and working in harmony can build a community where the children can develop to their full potential in a safe and nurturing enviroment.

Just like you, Rez House is concerned about the youth in our community and we are working hard to make changes. All children deserve a chance to play, learn, and grow spiritually in a safe, healthy, positive enviroment. We understand these opportunities are stepping-stones to becoming a successful contributing member of society.

Through your kindness, Rez House provides:

  • Sunday church meetings where hot meals are served in a nurtuting family-like atmosphere
  • Positive role models that facilitate social interactions and play with children of various ages in a safe setting
  • Music lessons, instrumental and choral
  • Multidisciplinary cultural arts to support academic skills
  • Preservation and promotion of Latino cultural arts in all its forms
  • School shoes and supplies for each school year
  • Wellness health checkups