If you feel ill or you have been exposed to someone with a positive Covid-19 test, please stay home and join us through FaceBook or our webpage.

Please keep a safe physical distance of at least 6’ at all times. Very brief exceptions when passing someone in a smaller space, receiving Communion, and the like.

Masks covering mouth and nose must be worn at all times.

Please use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the church.

Enter only through the narthex doors. Pick up your worship folder. Just like at a wedding, an usher will show you to your seat.
        People in the same household or “pod” will be seated together.
        People will be seated beginning at the front and dismissed beginning at the back
        Please be mindful of maintaining safe distance from those outside your “pod” throughout the service.

As much as we want to, no hugging, handshaking, etc. Smile with your eyes! Let the love in your heart shine through!

During worship, we will sing silently in our mind; there will be only limited congregational speaking. This will be indicated in the worship folder.

Fellowship Hall and the kitchen are not to be used. Bathrooms can be used only for urgencies or emergencies (plan accordingly).

Please don’t leave anything in the pew when you leave. Take your worship folder with you along with anything else you may have used. There will be wastebaskets at the narthex doors.

There will be specific guidance on Sunday about offerings, Holy Communion, and other matters that may come up between now and then.

Enjoy the service. Participate as you can.
Pray for those who are unable to attend at this time.
Remember all of our Grace community.

For in the day of trouble, God will keep me safe in God’s dwelling. Psalm 27:5