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all we have to show
on this day
is our empty palms,
for we are not able to parade
around the building or through the streets,
little kids cannot dance down the aisles
and lay their branches at the front
of our sacred spaces, and
few of us have palms at home
(or even thought much about them
until this morning)
this day of celebration, of remembrance,
of glad songs and waving fronds
is just one more thing
in this year of losing so much
we have had to let go
just like those bystanders
who had to let that colt
go with your disciples (who
were as clueless as anyone else)
just like those friends
who saw you slip from their hands
and their hearts (because they
still didn't have a clue)
letting you go into the
shadows of their worst fears
just like you
had to let go
of all your love
as you placed your
empty palms
on that scarred wood
trusting you were still
inscribed on the palms
of the hands of our God
who would not let you go
into death alone

© 2021 The Rev. Thom Shuman