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Hurricane Response

The situation:
On Nov. 2, Hurricane Eta, a powerful Category 4 storm, hit Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. Throughout Central America, at least 171 people died. Winds as high as 150 mph caused power outages and structural damage while heavy rains caused catastrophic flooding and landslides, damaging homes, crops, roads and bridges. Just two weeks later, Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua, 15 miles from where Hurricane Eta had made landfall. Iota was the first Category 5 hurricane of the 2020 season, but it weakened to a Category 4 hurricane as it made landfall. It brought strong winds and rains to areas already devastated by Hurricane Eta, hampering any ongoing recovery.

Our response:
To assess the immediate needs and initiate a response, Lutheran Disaster Response is engaging with many companion churches and ecumenical partners in the region, including ACT Alliance, Iglesia Cristiana Luterana de Honduras, Comisión de Acción Social Menonita, Church World Service, Iglesia Luterana Augustina de Guatemala and Iglesia Luterana de Nicaragua “Fe y Esperanza.” While the extent of the damage is not yet known, we will accompany devastated communities from immediate relief through long-term recovery. This is the commitment we make as a church.

What you can do:
Please pray for people who have been affected by hurricanes. May God's healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need.

Your gifts designated for “Hurricane Response” will be used entirely (100%) for direct response until it is complete. Together, we can help provide immediate and long-lasting support for those whose lives have been impacted by hurricanes.

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